Ricardo Orrantia Cantú

From Sinaloa, Ricardo is son of Justiniano and María de Jesús, he is the second of 7 siblings. Restless and curious since childhood, he always showed his commitment and interest to get ahead, grow and prepare. He studied elementary through high school in his home state. Proactive and restless, he participated in different academic competitions and obtained several recognitions, among them the National Prize in Chemistry and Mathematics.

At just 17 years old, he moved to Mexico City with his brother to start a career in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering at the National Polytechnic Institute, where he not only began his professional career, but also as an entrepreneur, and with a great sense for business starts selling books, watches, among other things that lead him to think and be clear that he should have his own company.

Ricardo was always interested in the development of new technologies, intelligence, and telecommunications systems. This interest, coupled with his commitment, trust, and persistence, led him to found his first company at the age of 19, and in 1986 he opened CDS de México (Computadoras y Desarrollo de Sistemas de México); the first of more than 15 companies that he has founded and directed throughout his career in Mexico and the United States, supporting the development of business leaders through the incubation and construction of large companies that contribute to improving people’s quality of life, generate progress and economic development and respect the community and the environment.

Besides, over time (during the economic crisis of 2008), a great interest in finance and the stock market arises, it is then when, in addition to being an entrepreneur and businessman, he becomes an investor and does so on the stock market from New York, being one of the pioneers in buying shares in technology companies such as Amazon. Recently, in 2020, he carried out the purchase and restructuring of DataNet (an American company) focused on the creation of 5G and 6G infrastructure.

His experience and trajectory have forged his ability to go one step ahead of challenges, face them and take risks with a clear mission: to develop business leaders and support entrepreneurs in the creation and formation of great companies.

Ricardo has incorporated into his philosophy of life: constancy, persistence, and congruence. He is very clear that being congruent with your passion and your DNA if something does not go well, you do not have to give up, you have to learn from it and move on. He is in the constant search to be a better person and entrepreneur, enhancing the capacities, aptitudes, and abilities of others, through continuous improvement, reinforcing the strong commitment to his social environment.

His focus today is the international market (Latin America, the United States, and Europe), and thus expand his knowledge, experience, and leadership.
Ricardo is also a family man, athlete, lover of art, music, and reading.

His passion: creating history and making a difference as a Mexican.

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