Environmental care has become a situation that needs urgent attention, not only by governmental institutions, but it is important to assume a responsibility based on every human being conscience.
There is controversy about the use of environmental resources without conscience, seeking only private benefits. However, some companies recognize the importance of including more environmentally friendly practices in their daily activities. As investors, we must focus our attention on companies that benefit the environment and promote projects with a high social impact.
On the other hand, to become future investors with a vision for the future, we must have clear ESG criteria, which achieve greater profitability and commitment to society. These criteria cover several factors:

  • They are involved in environmental care.
  • Take into account the impact they have on both the community and diversity.
  • Consider the impact on shareholders and management.

Considering these criteria represents a responsible and ethical investment, and are indicators of the quality of socially responsible companies.
The value that differentiates ESG companies lies in benefiting wealth and employment, governance and protecting biodiversity and natural resources. These companies promote greater awareness of the short- and long-term effects of unsustainable consumption on the planet.
The great opportunity for investors in the future are the Start-ups. There are start-ups with an innovative, scalable business model with high growth possibilities that are normally related to young companies with a high technological component and can be applicable to sectors such as the environment. Startups with this approach, in addition to seeking financial profitability, work to improve social and environmental impact in order to contribute to solving the problema through entrepreneurial initiatives, presenting solutions that contribute to reducing the
problems of the environmental crisis.

The implications of focusing on this type of investments could form new consumer markets, ensuring the stability of small and medium enterprises, developing new carbon reduction policies to maximize the value of investments and greater social responsibility; therefore, investments in nature can contribute to recovery activities by creating jobs, serving the poorest communities and above all giving greater importance to the care of our planet.
We definitely have a common task, to take care of the planet, we must modify our environmental culture and the easiest and most coherent way would be to act by solving the environmental problem.

We are the generation that is able to raise awareness of the problem and invest in companies that not only have a positive impact on the portfolio but also a positive impact on the social environment that surrounds them and the environment at the same time.

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