Much has been said about digital transformation. After the pandemic, many businesses that refused to change found it necessary to completely transform their business and their way of operating in order to continue existing.

If you are an entrepreneur, you have surely read thousands of books about it, about how to achieve a digital transformation, what it really means or even how to create a completely digital business. I want to make something clear in this post: Digital transformation is a constant process of evolution, not something that is done once and those who should be more involved than anyone else are the CEOs.

Every CEO and entrepreneur must take the challenge of creating strategies within the digital transformation to intensify the growth of their company. In this new era we must understand that a CEO has the responsibility to be able to establish a global systemic vision that allows him to make smart decisions to achieve significant changes in the growth of his business through the implementation of technology. In addition, you must establish new processes in business to avoid backwardness in the world, redefine the culture and develop a work plan. This is a sea change, changing everything about how products are designed, manufactured, sold, delivered and serviced, forcing CEOs and entrepreneurs to rethink how businesses are run.

A CEO must be the main promoter of this new change and have an active role in creating opportunities for collaboration and promoting these dynamics within the company. It is important that the CEO takes care of integrating and generating the ideal conditions to establish a technological environment, taking into account factors such as capabilities or areas of opportunity in the company.

According to the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, there are four fundamental pillars that a CEO must consider within the digital transformation:

  • Make digital transformation meaningful.
  • Model roles, mindsets and behaviors.
  • Build a strong and committed work team.
  • Pursue the stated objective.  

Over time, technology is going to grow and we must be able to adapt to each of these changes. As CEOs, we therefore have the challenge of becoming an internal disruptor of our own company and a pillar to promote innovation, transversality, technology and human capital.


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