When a person is ambitious in his professional development, he tends to become a leader, who represents and carries a company on his shoulders.

But this is only the first step to becoming someone who transcends and grows the business.

It has always been said that to be an excellent leader, you have to guide employees so you can put the business on the path of success, not simply load them with work.

But this topic goes beyond just showing them the way, Peter Bregman tells us in an article he wrote in collaboration with Harvard University that a leader must have 4 essential qualities to develop a suitable work environment and with that, become a suitable representative, capable of solving complicated situations in moments in which we are not allowed to be compassionate.

The first of these 4 qualities is confidence: believe in what you are capable of, believe in what you can contribute to others, be aware of your ability and make it present, a leader cannot be constantly hard on himself, if not, what credibility do you give to others?

The second one is to be connected with your collaborators, listen to them, advise them and even accept feedback of all kinds to have a greater communication channel and be that head in which people can trust. Empathizing with your team is having more joined hands to create outstanding things.

The third quality is commitment, you always have to set a goal, you cannot work if you do not have an established objective. You must know where you will guide the company to generate results, if you as a leader are not committed, your team won´t be either because they will sense that the company does not matter to you.

The last one is courage. A leader has to have the value to face difficulties, he has to have the value to adapt to changes and have the ability to decide what will be the best for the company, even if it affects someone else.

Generally, a person in a leading position has 1 or 2 of these highly developed qualities, but the others are in their infancy. One has to work as a person to become a leader.

Exemplifying this concept will give us a better context of what we want to get out of this article.

The owner of an advertising agency was in moments of great tension, the company had lost the best client that represented 50% of the business income, and therefore, there was no money for the salaries of all collaborators.

Being a leader is knowing what is best for the company and not being afraid to make the decisions that are needed to improve the performance of the entire team, remember that if there is a splinter in the flower, it must be removed so that it does not damage everything else.

Source: https://hbr.org/2018/07/great-leaders-are-confident-connected-committed-and-courageous?language=es.