Getting ahead of time and predicting with certainty the changes that may come is one of the most important skills any investor can have. Looking forward, analyzing the current situation, looking for developing markets, and predicting their scalability to invest in business within that line are clear examples of how an investor can apply those skills in finance. 

Nowadays, we have technology that goes beyond what the human brain can do, and is that what gets me more excited about implementing technology in finance. The relevance that artificial intelligence has to innovate in every sector and above that how it helps to upgrade finance and people and business investments. 

Neural networks for data analysis are not something new and every company is implementing them slowly. A key factor to creating a real predictive model is to join multiple data sources and have a strong engineering data science team as well as top-notch software that enables companies to process real-time data. The more data and information the algorithm has the more patterns and behaviors detected will be more accurate. 

Financial entities have realized the quantity of data their clients deliver every day and the benefit they can gain when creating synergy with technologies like Data Analytics, Deep Learning, and Big Data.

Personalized financial products are a reality in countries like the US and Europe, there is greater opportunity regarding this type of service in Latin America. It is there where I´ve been focusing my efforts, in searching for the best technologies and developers to create predictive analysis that upscale investment revenue. 

Other trends where financial services are innovating by applying Deep Tech are: 

  1. Credit Scoring: measuring the risk of indebtedness and solvency of clients who request a loan.
  2. Fraud detection: AI models that actively learn and calibrate themselves to new potential or actual security threats, based on behavioral patterns.
  3. Detection of business opportunities and emerging markets for potential clients.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Tech are tools that every industry needs to take the next step towards the future. One of my intentions this year is to create projects for the financial sector in Latin America so it´s not left behind. 

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