Common sense leads us to choose the safer path, the one that represents a lower risk and guarantees at least the stability of our present situation. This I think it is an undeniable trait of our human condition, to avoid all danger even if the reward of getting out of your comfort zone might be bigger and better. The sense that makes us choose the things we already know instead of discovering a new path has made us survive in nature, but sometimes it takes away the chance of finding something extraordinary.

And is that instinct that tells us in times of crisis like the one the whole world is going through that leaping faith and invests in a new business or creating one of your own might be a dangerous step that is better stepping away from and saving it for better times to come. Let´s be honest in many cases that safe gamble, the calculation of risks, and waiting for a more prosperous time really might be the right choice but sometimes it is precisely on uncertain times when a good idea could find rich soil to grow on and develop exponentially. A good idea that addresses present time needs, that´s creative, and above all that it is executed with passion and intelligence.

Let´s put as an example: the bike industry. It is a safe, efficient, and economic means of transport as well as it enhances the health and wellness of its users. The bike, then became the choice of many to move around during the pandemic, to the point that sales of new units increased by 30% in 2020. Without a doubt an industry to invest in and maybe open a new business, an industry that even in times of economic crisis showed good results and whose trend seems to continue to rise at a mid-term.

Taking a risk and learning from difficult times and what they have to offer could be a high bet but if you have a good and innovative idea, if you study the market in-depth and have the determination to execute rigorously, it may be the ideal time to carry it out. I think we don’t have to get carried away only with the time and circumstances but to get carried away by the trust you have in the project, its viability, and the compromise you have to take it for the long run. In conclusion, there is no better time to start your own business if you have a good idea. The point is to try.